Remember this is intended as info to assist you in harm reduction. If you must do meth at least do it the safest way possible. Go to the drugs-forum website and any question you have about any drug will be answered there. Be safe. This information in no way is intended for the reader to use ISO or to purchase it except for research only. This chemical ISO as well as all other illegal substances should be avoided at all cost due to the damage they can cause to human and animals.

The purpose of this website is harm reduction. To educate drug users and non drug users the safest way to do drugs. Hopefully this will reduce the number of deaths each year that are attributed to drug use.

Shake and Bake: The new method to make meth

Why do you think they call it dope! First off I am not a doctor, drug counselor, scientist or teacher.

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I am just another unwilling test subject like you. Being tricked into buying this imitation of a substance that I have grown quite fond of has been a traumatic experience. I crave all of the knowledge possible about them, possibly even more than the drug itself. I first bought this chemical because I have never seen or had any interactions with it before. So I made it my job to collect everything I could about this research chemical.

Together we can stop this epidemic of fake meth and keep it off the streets. Knowledge is power and power is what you do with it. So stay safe. So just be aware that most of this may not be actual scientific proof, it has been experienced by real people mistakenly some purposely using this world-wide increasingly popular dangerous chemical. Amounts are different with everyone.


However a threshold dose of 25 mg has been accurately determined from numerous users. Contributing factors affecting the dose could include body weight, gender, age, past drug use, daily habits affecting health, mental health issues, genetics, physical health condition, and possibly tolerance. Not forgetting other unknown factors not yet thought of. Tolerance with this chemical itself is something to yet be determined.

Assuming its presence is probably safe considering nearly every chemical has some type of tolerance.Except where noted otherwise, data are given for materials in their standard state at 25 C, kPa Infobox references.

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Isopropylbenzylamine is a chemical compound used as an intermediate in the pharmaceutical industry as a precursor to the manufacture of some drugs. It has recently come to the attention of the DEA due to its use by illicit methamphetamine manufacturers as a diluting agent which is very similar in appearance and physical properties to methamphetamine and is cheap and not currently illegal. Isopropylbenzylamine is a structural isomer of methamphetamine, and has the same molar mass.

It is also a secondary amine like methamphetamine, and forms salts in the same way. Consequently it looks very similar to methamphetamine and has a similar melting point, and can be used to dilute methamphetamine without this being obvious to users, although some subtle differences such as slightly higher melting point and softer crystals may be apparent.

References 1. Microgram Journal JanuaryJune ; 6 2. Microgram Bulletin, March 3. Microgram Bulletin, April 4. Microgram Bulletin, August Categories:. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Read Free For 30 Days. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Isopropabenzlamene Wiki 1.

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Factory supply Pure CAS Isopropylbenzylamine Crystal. N - Isopropylbenzylamine CAS isopropylbenzylamine crystals. About product and suppliers: n isopropylbenzylamine products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.

A wide variety of n isopropylbenzylamine options are available to you, There are suppliers who sells n isopropylbenzylamine on Alibaba. Related Search: china n isopropylbenzylamine who is who in china track package from china to us.The medicinal uses of the drug were related to its very strong stimulant effects, but with the advent of the Controlled Substances Act passed inits medicinal use has been significantly reduced and the drug is now better recognized as a significant drug of abuse.

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration DEA still recognizes that methamphetamine has medicinal value, although it is an extremely dangerous drug of abuse. Have you lost control of your meth use? Answer a few brief questions to find out if you need help. Complete our free and confidential addiction questionnaire today.

Although methamphetamine is a legitimate medicinal product and manufactured professionally, most people are more familiar with the notion that the drug is manufactured by private individuals to be abused.

The DEA recognizes that methamphetamine abuse has declined, but the drug remains a significant concern, and there are still regular news reports of meth labs being discovered by authorities.

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Although private manufacture of the drug is illegal, there are numerous recipes for the drug available to nearly anyone. One can do an Internet search and find several potential methods of producing the drug. Methamphetamine is so easy to produce that there have been regulations on the purchase of some over-the-counter ingredients, particularly over-the-counter medicines, that are crucial to the production of the drug.

The primary meth ingredients, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, come from over-the-counter medications like cold medications and weight loss products.

The drug is most often abused by heating it and smoking the vapors, or by grinding it up and snorting it or mixing it with water and injecting it. Meth labs can produce very large amounts of the drug if the individuals making the drug can get enough of the needed meth ingredients. The heating process is quite dangerous because many of the substances use are flammable or corrosive. The methamphetamine is separated from the waste, and the process results in significant waste materials, particularly with the use of phosphorus.

These waste materials are also highly unstable and combustible. Because methamphetamine production by private individuals is not regulated or supervised, there can be numerous substitutes for some of the core substances.

Some of these are mentioned above, such as alcohol, energy drinks, etc. In addition, other stimulants may be involved in the production of drugs sold as methamphetamine, such as caffeine or even cocaine. There is no quality control process associated with the private production of methamphetamine, and any number of cutting agents could conceivably be added to the process to dilute the drug.

Because the substance is also manufactured with the use of phosphorus and other potentially toxic materials like acid, there are many detrimental effects associated with the use of methamphetamine aside from the central nervous system effects the drug produces. The substance is quite corrosive, and individuals experience major issues with their skin and dentition after using the drug for even a short period of time. Inhaling privately made methamphetamine can cause significant lung damage and respiratory issues.

The potent central nervous system effects of methamphetamine can also produce significant neurological issues as well as cardiovascular issues and potential liver and kidney damage.

This process can be quite expensive and difficult to maintain. In addition, these sophisticated laboratories can often be spotted quite easily by legal authorities who are on the lookout for them and present a serious danger for the individuals who work in them due to the highly unstable process of making methamphetamine and the combustible materials and wastes that are used in result from the process.Log in Register.

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Latest activity. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter cubbaluege Start date Mar 2, All of us have been at cross roads, when it comes to meth. I mean where we are not sure if the meth is real or cut. Is there any method of testing the stuff? I am not a newbie, but of late, there have been so many fakes going around that it is becoming difficult to get pure stuff.

I second that statement. Even I have come across numerous fakes. I follow my own method of checking whether the stuff is real or fake. I put some of the meth into a glass pipe and take few hits. If I feel energized and refreshed, then it's pure. Smoking meth should make you focused on doing other things and not force you to refill the pipe, and good quality meth would go a long way in realizing that.

Here are some tests that my friends and I do for checking if our stuff is real. Bleach Test: It has always served us well, and I hope it does same for you.

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In this test, pour few ounces of liquid bleach into a glass, and then drop some meth into this solution. If the stuff is pure, then it would start swirling and darting around for some seconds, and after some time, would leave oily spots on top of the bleach. This would mean your stuff is the real deal. On the other hand, if the meth sinks into the bottom without dancing or darting around, then you have been palmed off with cheap quality stuff. Smoke Test: Take some meth and smoke it.

Remember that when you blow out, the smoke has to come out of your mouth and form clouds in long streams. If the exhaled smoke stays close to your face or goes sideways and in circles, then you have got a fake. Nasal Test: If you snort real meth, then it would burn your nose and can bring tears to your eyes. OTOH, if you snort and there is very little or even no burn, then the stuff in your hand is fake.

Magnification Test: Take a magnifying glass and check your product. Real meth should have same texture and color, as well as have uneven, rigid and rough edges.

Fake meth would have cloudy rocks, as well as uniform, straight and smooth shape.

How to Tell If Meth Is Real and Cut

Moreover, real meth should be dry. Pipe Test: If the bubble in your glass pipe turns dark after smoking some meth, or burns away quickly, then you have cut meth in your hand. Real stuff would re-crystalize quickly, the bubble would be clear or white, and form a pattern of lines.Don't have a profile? Causes serious eye irritation. May cause respiratory irritation. Combustible liquid. Precast Electrophoresis Gels. View All Antibodies. Antibodies Advanced Search.

Biochemicals and Reagents. Biological Buffers. Custom Services and Products. Enzymes and Inhibitors. View All Protein Biology. View All Life Sciences. Calibration Weights. Laboratory Balances. Weighing Papers and Dishes.

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Cell Culture Media. Cryogenic Storage. Fetal Calf and Other Sera. Serological Pipettes.The crystals are beautiful and translucent. They are relatively clear and are not cloudy. The crystals break down just as pure methamphetamine should as MSM Methylsulfonylmethane and isopropylbenzylamine noticeably change how brittle they are.

The quality is top notch, melting point analysis showed absolutely no residue. I vaporized 30mg from a recently constructed lightbulb vape and found the vapor to be very smooth.

When the heat source is removed, the puddle recrystallizes with an audible cracking sound. The pattern looks like bird feathers. This methamphetamine cracks back instantly, failure to crackback or a large delay indicates impure product. No MSM is present in this methamphetamine it sublimates around degrees, while methamphetamine has a higher vaporization temperature.

One of the signs of methamphetamine cut with MSM is how thickly it coats the pipe after only two or so uses. The entire pipe will be coated white inside. The vapor will also be somewhat cool feeling, like a hint of menthol.

Many users do not inhale the first hit of meth when they begin to vaporize it. A much more sinister cut is that of isopropylbenzylamine. It is a structural isomer of methamphetamine and has a very similar melting point which differs as little as 5 degrees.

It cocrystallizes with methamphetamine and has an identical weight. Unlike MSM, it is nearly impossible to purify the adulterant from meth. Bleach can be used as an indicator to hint at the presence of the compound.

If a shard of methamphetamine placed in the bleach solution releases an oil, a cut is present although it is not possible to pinpoint the exact one.


Compounds related to isopropylbenzylamine are also used as cutting agents such as methylbenzylamine and ethylbenzylamine. All cocrystallize, have similar melting points, and have the same appearance as methamphetamine. As a warning, isopropylbenzylamine ingested regularly over time will cause methmoglobinemia. Symptoms include shortness of breath, discolored skin, headaches, fatigue, and loss of consciousness. Severe cases result in comas, seizures, and death. I can only assume the related compounds methyl- and ethyl- benzylamine carry some of those risks.

Please be extremely careful if you choose to partake in methamphetamine. There are many nasty cuts and adulterants which are serious risks. Now Playing Tracks.

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